Oh Oak is Danish ceramics for everyday use, handmade by ceramicist Sarah Oakman. No two objects are the same and everything is produced locally in her studio in Nexø on the island of Bornholm, Denmark.

As far back as I can remember, I have had a drive to create things with my hands. Sarah Oakman, slowfashionhouse.com

Sarah’s place in the world is right where she is: On Bornholm with her hands deeply buried in the clay. She has no doubt at all. She was past a teacher training and a few years in primary school service before, during her first maternity leave in 2011, she realized that her many years of playing with the clay were more than just fun.

Photo by Rigetta Klint

Sarah applied and started at KADK in 2012 and finished in 2016. During the course of the school, she created the foundation for her first collection and began to formulate the framework around her upcoming business. One part of the work is the artisan Sarah. This is where she experiments and makes unique ceramic pieces – this is the engine that drives her forward. The other part is the entrepreneur Sarah. That direction she is called “Oh Oak”. Here she’s a designer who gives shape to ceramics that are later casted, and have that unique fingerprint when glazed. So far, it has been important to Sarah that the two should each have their own identity. But as the years have gone by, Sarah have comed to realize that the seperation is more symbolic than anything else – the research and creation of the unique pieces is the foundation of her production in her brand ‘Oh Oak’.

Her predominant source of inspiration is the magnificent Bornholm nature and the inherent nature of the material. “My approach to making ceramics has always been very investigative, and I do not find the great joys of repeating a process thousands of times,” says Sarah to Rigetta Klint in HÅNDVÆRK.

Beauty is studied as part of aesthetics, culture, social psychology, philosophy and sociology. Sarah Oakman, ohoak.com

Inspired by nature and the Nordic color tones, ceramicist Sarah Oakman creates functional objects with a focus on tactile surfaces and the imprint of the hand. The rough coastline of Bornholm, that rises from the Baltic Sea with its dramatic granite rocks. The thunder of the waves crashing against the cliffs. The endless beaches of white sand with coarse grass and soft dunes that fall like heavy blankets over the landscape. The way the sand tickles your skin on a windy autumn day. The dark forest in the dusk, the feeling of the cold humid air you breathe and the way the sound of your steps disappear in the soft moss.

Photo by Rigetta klint

The materials are high fired stoneware and porcelain, and especially the surface of the ceramics fascinates Sarah. It is the first meeting between the hardness of the object and the softness of the skin, that holds her attention. The tactile detail of the glaze, the small but considerable difference between rough and smooth.

Photo by Rigetta Klint

It is Sarah’s intention to create objects that make you want to touch and want to keep. We sense with our whole bodies, and the expectation that is built up by the sight is released by the touch of the skin.

See all of her beautiful work here

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