Join the Green trend and decorate your home with plants, that decorates your home and keeps you healthy.Houseplants are commonly grown for decorative purposes, but they can help you with so much more. Studies have shown them to have positive psychological and health effects, for an example can your plants helps with your indoor air purification. 

Major factors that should be considered when caring for houseplants are moisture, light, soil mixture, temperature, humidity, fertilizers, potting, and pest control. The following includes some general guidelines for houseplant care. For specific houseplant needs, the tags that sometimes come with plants are notoriously unhelpful and generic. Specific care information may be found widely online and in books.

Both under-watering and over-watering can be detrimental to a houseplant.

The best way to determine whether a plant needs water is to check the soil moisture – feeling the soil is most reliable. Most potted plants must be allowed to reach an appropriate level of dryness in between waterings.

Watering a plant by the calendar is not recommended. If a plant does need to be watered, water should be slowly poured over the surface of the soil until it begins to drain out the bottom of the pot, ensuring complete saturation.

Your choice of flowerpot can have much to say in the suvival of your plants.

When choosing a pots for your plants its important to think about the plants ability to breath and not be drawned in water, the best way to manage this is by choosing a planter that has a drainwhole.

Some of our favorites are The Hasami Porcelain planter, which comes in two sizes and three different colors. Its a simple flowerpot and looks amazing in the simple scandinavian style. 

If you have found a flowerpot or planter but it doesn’t have a drainwhole, don’t despair. The best way to keep your favorite plant healthy, is then to put broken ceramics or small stones in the bottom of the pot. In this way the plant will be able to breathe and will allow water to move around.

Some of our favorite flowerpots without a darinwhole is these unique handmade pots by Danish artist Landskabt. Each pot is unique in its colors and pattern – and would make a perfect partner to every green plant. 

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