Dive right into our selection of handmade ceramics and pottery at YŌNOBI’s online shop. We have selected a variety of unique pottery made by ceramic artists from all over the world. Each piece reflects a story. The different pieces reflect the ideas, inspiration and beautiful techniques of our artists. 

YŌNOBI artwork reflects the balance between functionality and aesthetics. Inspired by the Japanese YōnoBi (用美), our ceramic studio and store are built on the philosophy of beauty in the practical use of everyday objects. 

Behind each piece, there is a story. A story that reflects the artist’s ideas, inspiration, aesthetics, and techniques.

The different stories are the heart of each piece and are what makes them special. So when you receive a piece from YONOBI – you now own something truly unique with an unquestionable quality, which will connect you to the artist.

We hope you will find the same joy and excitement for the pieces you’ll buy here at Yonobi, as we had in finding them around the world.

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